My Approach To Treatment

Amy partners with people to optimize function, performance and wellbeing through work with the physical body.

She values and engages each person’s whole, unique being and experience, and the conscious and sub-conscious effects on posture, tension and function.

When there is disruption from stressful input sometimes our bodies fail to adapt well. As a result, we may experience symptoms such as pain, swelling, difficulty moving efficiently, headaches, digestion issues and more.

Through a full body assessment, Amy looks for the root causes of problems and uses hands on therapy to engage body tissues, structures and systems from the tip of the head to the toe, working towards all moving together in health. This includes working with tiny particle sensory receptors all over our body that pick-up information about what we experience and feel. They initiate messages that travel to our brain and affect how our brain makes our body, including our muscles, function. Sometimes our sensory receptors need to be re-set to be more relaxed and efficient.

The back of a woman with straight dark brown hair who's wearing a gold sweater and facing her in the distance is a woman (Amy) with her hair pulled back wearing a blouse and sitting on a black stool holding a pad of notes.

Mission & Goals

Getting on the same page for goals and potential:

Many people when they first see me don’t know what is possible for us to do and what I’m skilled with to effect. We will talk at the beginning of the first session about what I do.

Identifying the starting point:

There are a few ways that we identify a starting point and when I do help us note it and priorities I do this keeping in mind both priorities of what helps our posture and movement be efficient and what that’s been revved up and guarded by our life experience can be freed to give us new potential.

What Is Helped?

Help Manage and Recover From:

  • Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)
  • Work, leisure and athletic injuries
  • Stiffness and Pain including migraines & TMJ
  • Weakness
  • Poor circulation, mild lymphedema
  • Healing of scars or adhesions of old scars
  • Osteoarthritis, low back & SI dysfunction, Stroke, MS, Fibromyalgia

Help Achieve Goals:

  • Increase strength
  • Improve posture
  • Increase range of motion
  • Feel and sleep better
  • Do activities more easily
  • Improve Digestion

About Amy

Amy is a passionate person who thrives off of helping make a positive difference and helping open up more opportunities for the future. As a youth she participated in a number of sports and recreational activities and went on to play a year of college volleyball. She’s a certified coach in several sports and a volleyball referee.

Education and Experience

During university she began coaching sports, was a student Athletic Therapist for one of the university athletic teams, and started working in weight rooms of a couple of fitness centres. After teaching an introductory wellness course at a college overseas, Amy began her career in healthcare as a kinesiologist in 2000. She came to love hands-on therapy while learning Fascial Stretch Therapy. She thrives helping people achieve more physical comfort, ease, and efficiency.

Amy subsequently completed a massage therapy diploma, and then a five-year post-degree diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practice (DOMP). She has also taken many other continuing education courses and mentorship from a wide variety of medical and allied health professionals.

Amy has with many healthcare professionals in a wide diversity of allied health and medical settings. She worked as a Kinesiologist at some Allied Health clinics. At one of those clinics part of her job was to do the brace ordering and fitting for a Sports Medicine Physician. She’s been a research assistant for a Neurologist for an Exercise and Migraine study, Coordinated and lead exercise classes for Calgary’s Kidney Exercise and Education program, provided posture, movement and exercise coaching at a transplant clinic for patients who’d had a kidney or pancreas transplant, and lead exercise programs for people with neurological conditions.


Bachelor of Human Kinetics (BHK), Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practice (DOMP), dip MT
Osteopathic Manual Therapist
Proprioceptive-Deep Tendon Neurological System Practitioner
CSEP-Certified Exercise Physiologist

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