The front of the torso of a woman wearing a white blouse lying on a therapy table with her left arm out to the side above head level with another woman (Amy) with her hair pulled back wearing a 3/4 sleeve blouse with a hand on the outstretched arm of the lying woman's wrist and shoulder assisting with a stretch.

Fascial Stretch Therapy™️

Fascial Stretch Therapy™ (FST) optimizes the elasticity of our body’s fascia, the elastic connective tissue that lines all parts of our body, by reducing guardedness with phases of shortening and contracting...

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Our nature is to move. There's a saying "The best position is the next position." encouraging us to not stay in any one position for a long time.

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A lady wearing black who's right side and back is in view is sitting on a therapy table with a female manual (hands on) therapist (Amy) sitting on a stool facing the first lady with Amy's right hand reaching across to touch the lady's left shoulder while Amy presses her other hand against the outside of the lady's right arm.


Amy spent years as a kinesiologist working with people to prepare to get back to work after an injury.

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Knowledge & Skills

Amy has personal and professional experience understanding and assisting various types of neurodivergence...

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